playlist #1 with jeremy lloyd

For our very first bassike music playlist we asked DJ Jeremy Lloyd to curate a list of tracks that he felt would resonate with our customers. We caught up with Jeremy to chat more about his career and the considered selection of songs in his playlist.

You’ll hear Jeremy’s mix playing in bassike stores during the month of November and can listen to it now on Spotify.

bassike 10 years party bassike music playlist #1

Hi Jeremy, can you tell us about the thought process behind your selection of tracks?

I wanted the playlist to have a range of moods that are all circular. If you really listen to each song there are no jagged edges, even the more upbeat (GUM) or melancholy (simply red) tunes have a sense of blissful smoothness that makes the whole thing feel really comfortable. A lot of the tracks are a little obscure but still sound somewhat familiar and there's nothing abrasive or unnatural; I wanted this to translate to the mood in the bassike stores and beyond.

bassike sound playlist #1 jeremy lloyd - avalanches wildflower
bassike sound playlist #1 jeremy lloyd - donna summer
bassike sound playlist #1 jeremy lloyd - Jungle
bassike sound playlist #1 jeremy lloyd - simply red

When did you first start DJ’ing?

I started DJ’ing back in 2005. I was lucky enough to do some studio work for one of Australia's great musical minds; Ajax (RIP) and he used to give me bunches of his old records every now and then. From then on, I was hooked.


What other work do you do outside of DJ’ing?
For the last few years I have been doing art department work in film and television and just recently I returned from a year in Germany doing production design and management for a creative agency in Berlin.


Where are you based at the moment?

Sydney for the next five or so while working on a film project, and then back to Berlin.


What have been your career highlights so far? 

Earlier this year I played at David Lynch's private club, Silencio, in Paris. That was pretty dope. Also, while working in Berlin I helped launch a European HIV awareness campaign for the United Nations with Nelson Mandela's grandson Kweku. That was pretty dope too.

jeremy lloyd at the bassike ten year celebration, palm beach, sydney.
wearing bassike vintage rib long sleeve t.shirt

photographed by alex tracey