a new moon with mark vassallo

Stylist, creative director and long time bassike collaborator Mark Vassallo has been an important part of our creative team for the last few years. As part of our 10th birthday celebrations Mark created a work of art titled ‘New Moon’ exploring the ideas of evolution, rebirth and celebration. We visited Mark at his Sydney studio and spoke to him about his formidable career in the fashion industry and his work on some of our favourite photoshoots.

bassike 10 mark vassallo new moon sculpture

Hi Mark, when did you start working in fashion and what have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

I have been styling for 20 years with many memorable moments including working with Mick Jagger, Nicole Kidman and Sigorney Weaver, Emporio Armani campaigns in NYC, Kanye West’s first fashion show, shooting in amazing locations Iceland and Africa, my time at Vogue Australia and Harper’s Bazaar, publishing my own tome called Mark.


You spent time living in New York during the 90s, can you tell us about this experience and how it has influenced your work today?

New York taught me how to be professional while working in the capital of fashion with the biggest teams. The city also taught me that above all else, it’s important that my own personal style comes through in my work… and of course, to dream big!

bassike 10 mark vassallo in studio
bassike 10 mark vassallo new moon close up
bassike 10 mark vassallo new moon close up 2
bassike 10 mark vassallo tennis court
bassike 10 mark vassallo new moon inscription
bassike 10 mark vassallo tennis court close up

Tell us about the first project you worked on with bassike?

My first shoot for bassike was resort 2015. We shot In a skate bowl with photographer Beau Grealy; it’s one of my favourite shoots of all time. I have always been such a big fan of bassike and always felt comfortable in the clothing. I love simple clean clothes, I love t.shirts and I love bassike’s northern beaches home.


When working on styling the collections each season, what’s your initial starting point and how do you refine the looks during this process?

Each season I'm excited to see a new collection, it’s the fabrics and modern cuts that stand out for me. I love the bassike silhouette - masculine and clean, it's so clever in its simplicity. Each season we refine the looks in styling days at bassike HQ based on the colour palettes. It's always hard to edit when there are so many great pieces.


Since you first began working with bassike, in what ways have you seen the brand grow and develop and in what ways has it remained the same?
Since before I started working with bassike co-founders Deb and Lou I was a huge fan, and shot and followed the brand from the early days.

I guess I see a maturity and a confidence. The brand is strong. It makes sense in people's lives, it's not trendy, the collection is full of pieces you would wear for a long time with an understated personality.


What three words do you think best describe the Bassike aesthetic?

Understated contemporary luxury.


What do you enjoy doing in your down time?

Swimming in the sea, cooking, playing with my friends kids.


Do you remember where you were on your 10th birthday?

I just remember a chocolate cake.

bassike 10 mark vassallo favourite resort 14
bassike 10 mark vassallo favourite resort 14 undyed
bassike 10 years mark vassallo in his studio

mark vassallo was photographed at his studio in paddington, sydney by charles dennington.
mark wears his own t-shirt, bassike pants and vintage rib long sleeve t.shirt.
new moon artwork photographed by toby peet.