at home with conor o'brien

Conor O’Brien is an art director and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Working across the creative for the bassike lookbook and campaign shoots, Conor’s keen eye for detail and thoughtful nature has helped bring a technical refinement to the imagery produced by the bassike creative team. We visited Conor at his beachside home in Tourquay and talked to him about his creative practice and the work of art he made for the bassike ten year collaborators project.

conor o'brien artwork

Hey Conor, you’ve recently made the move to Torquay, how is this sea change going for you?

It’s great! We love living at the beach but it's still close to Melbourne, just over an hour’s drive. We’d spent lots of time down here and we wanted the kids to have the experience of growing up outside the city.


Tell us a little bit about the piece of art you made for the bassike 10 year collaborators project? 

It’s a framed print of a photograph I took in 2009 on a visit to New York. It’s an abstracted view of a Claes Oldenburg sculpture.

bassike 10 years conor obrien artist
bassike 10 years conor o'brien artist in studio
bassike 10 years conor obrien art director

How has your creative practice evolved over the years?

My background was an artist photographer, but I always worked doing design and art direction. I kept my art practice and design work quite separate, but now they've come together more and my photography background informs lots of the work I do. I’ve always been interested in the big picture and the attention required to ensure everything a brand puts out makes sense.


What influences would you say contribute most to your design aesthetic?

Artists and subcultures.


You’ve worked on a range of projects with bassike, are there any that have been particularly memorable?

I’d say the current Resort 16 season. I worked with Deb and created the vintage inspired prints, then got to work with a great team on the campaign, lookbook, swim and men's shoots. Really happy with how it all turned out.

bassike 10 year conor obrien art director
bassike 10 years conor obrien art director
e resort 16 hawaiian short sleeve shirt

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process when conceptualising photoshoots?  

It’s a collaborative process and usually starts with getting an understanding of the ideas behind the range and season. For me it’s then about articulating how the lighting, location and mood will define the concept.


What are three words you would use to describe bassike as a brand?

Understated, considered, disciplined.


What would your dream project be to work on?

Art projects are rewarding because they are so personal.


How do you spend your time outside of work?  

Kids and the beach


How did you celebrate your most recent birthday?

A nice dinner.

conor obrien at torquay beach
conor obrien torquay beach
conor obrien torquay beach
conor obrien at his melbourne home

conor o'brien photographed at home in torquay, victoria by ben clement.
wearing bassike vintage rib long sleeve t.shirt and hooded sweat.
'untitled (after claes oldenberg), 2009/16' artwork and photography by conor o'brien.

view more of conor's work at or follow him on instagram @conor__obrien