making spaces with kelvin ho

Kelvin Ho of Sydney based design firm Akin Creative is a longstanding bassike collaborator who over the past eight years has had a hand in the design and build of every one of our retail stores. To celebrate the bassike 10th anniversary Kelvin created a sculptural artwork of rose marble as a reinterpretation of our dot logo. We spoke to him at his studio in Surry Hills about the creation of the artwork and his experience working alongside the brand.

bassike 10 years kelvin ho akin creative
bassike 10 years kelvin ho rose sphere sculpture

Hi Kelvin, can you tell us about the work you created for the bassike 10th birthday celebrations?

The work is a sphere of rose marble which is a material we used in the strand arcade store. The sphere is made by hand, so although it appears perfect, when you hold it you can feel the slight variations and imperfections of the shape, giving a sense of its organic origins.


Do you remember the first project you worked on with bassike?

The first project I worked on with bassike was the guerilla store at Avalon. It was the first retail space for bassike and as a ‘local’ store it had a huge amount of importance for the brand and myself.


And the most recent?

The most recent store is the Strand Arcade Store in Sydney. It was a great opportunity to work on a luxury, contemporary brand within a heritage building. Being a women’s only store was really cool, as it gave us an opportunity to create something quite new for the brand.

bassike 10 years kelvin ho at akin creative's surry hills studio
bassike 10 years kelvin ho at akin creative's surry hills studio
bassike 10 years kelvin ho in his surry hills office
bassike 10 years kelvin ho road bike

You collaborated with LA based design studio Early Work on bassike’s Venice store in Los Angeles. Can you tell us a little bit about the concept for the store and how the collaborative process worked?

The store design needed to capture the essence of bassike but also have a local connection. This made the collaboration with Early Work a perfect partnership. We started by sending initial sketches and concepts for the space to Early Work and from there they were able to provide new interpretations of the store elements.


Each bassike store has a slightly different feel about it. How do you and your team work to make each space unique while still incorporating common threads that are true to the brands DNA?

There are common threads that run through the palette of all stores, however, each space also has unique details that set it apart from the others. Our approach to design extends beyond the actual site of the store; we consider neighbouring buildings and the feel of the local area which naturally gives each store a subtle difference.


You also worked on the new bassike head office in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, what were some of the key ideas included in the brief for creating this space? 

 The key concept for the office design was to create a calming, open space that reflected the brand. The central atrium was important to create this feeling so all the working spaces looked into a tranquil, sun lit space.


How did you celebrate your most recent birthday? 
Swimming, pizza and an afternoon sleep.

bassike 10 years kelvin ho akin creative with model of bassike co-founder deborah sams' house
bassike 10 years kelvin ho at his surry hills akin creative office
bassike 10 years kelvin ho akin creative office things on desk

kelvin ho photographed at the akin creative office in surry hills, sydney by charles dennington.
wearing bassike classic crew neck t.shirt and vintage bassike denim.
'rose sphere' artwork photographed by toby peet.