taking pictures with beau grealy

Over the past nine years, photographer Beau Grealy has played an important part in shaping the bassike visual signature as the man behind the lens of many of our most memorable campaigns. In this interview, Beau talks to us about his part in our ten year collaborators project, developing his creative practice and life in LA.

bassike 10 year collaborators beau grealy self portrait

Hi Beau, can you tell us about the work you created to celebrate the bassike ten-year anniversary?  

My work is a still-life of dried flowers, with a circular light source coming through the middle, in reference to the bassike dot logo. I wanted to make an organic feeling picture using something natural, gentle and textural.


When did you first start taking pictures? How did you develop your photography practice?

I have been taking pictures since I was young. My father is an advertising / portrait photographer so you could say I was born into the industry. I assisted for many years, briefly in Australia for my father and then in New York. Working for high-end fashion, portrait and still-life photographers gave me a great spectrum of experience to develop what has become my style of picture.


Do you recall the first shoot that you worked on for bassike?

Yes, it would have been eight or nine years ago now, it was at the original bassike office in Palm Beach.


How has the visual aesthetic of the brand evolved and grown over the years?

The brand has kept a similar aesthetic throughout which is why I think it’s so successful, if anything the collections have just become stronger.


How would you describe bassike in two words?
Clean lines.

bassike 10 year collaborators untitled by beau grealy

Is there one project in particular that you’ve worked on with bassike over the past ten years that stands out?

I think they are all individual and special in their own ways.


Are there any photographers or creatives who have been particularly influential to your work?

Too many to mention, I think you can and should find influence in everything. It doesn’t have to be anyone in particular. You should look at light, colour, talent, location, textures.  You don’t have to love the image or art as a whole, but focus on little pieces of it.


How do you spend your time outside of the studio?

With my family, surfing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.


What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

A couple of work trips, spending time at home in LA working on personal projects and then hopefully Australia for Christmas.

self portrait by beau grealy photographed at his los angeles home
view more of beau's work at beaugrealy.com or follow him on instagram @beaugrealy
untitled 2016 photographed by toby peet