inside bemboka with petr houf

Petr Houf is the co-director of one of our favourite homewares brands, bemboka. Established almost 18 years ago the brand's collections of knitted luxury blankets and throws has grown into an expansive range of premium homewares for bed, bath and lounge.

 We visited the bemboka showroom, located in a converted terrace house in Sydney’s leafy suburb of Paddington and spoke to Petr about life inside and outside of the studio.

nside Bemboka with Petr Houf
Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf

Hi Petr, can you tell us how you decided on the name bemboka?

We first sourced our fine Merino Wool from the South Coast of New South Wales near a small village called Bemboka. The bemboka name is unique and references both our Australian heritage and the wool-growing region.


What are three words do you think best describe bemboka?

Luxury, quality and sophistication.


How long have you been in your current showroom?

We have been in our current showroom for seven years. We designed and renovated it to complement the neutral palette of our products. Simple yet sophisticated. We opened up the space so we can interact with each other and our clients as a unified team.


Can you tell us a little bit about your philosophy around the colours you choose to incorporate into the collections?

Our colour palette has to reflect sophistication and our colours are always timeless due to the longevity of the products. Clients utilise them for many years and our products must work back in with the ever-changing colour trends of accessories in seasonal accent colours.


How often do you introduce newness into your ranges? Is it a similar cycle to fashion where something new is constantly being created?

Yes, we have to constantly reinvent ourselves, every season we add some new styles and colours and sometimes new product lines. But we always keep the core range the same, a few of our signature items look almost identical to what they looked like 18 years ago.

Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf
Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf
Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf

Do you have a favourite product in the collection?

It is really hard to pick one product from the bemboka range, but I really love the amazing sleep I get with our new bamboo blankets, they feel incredible.


You travel a lot as part of your role with bemboka, can you tell us about some of your favourite destinations?

The beauty of working with luxury textiles is that I get to travel often to places like Italy and Portugal and since we have opened our London offices, I am lucky enough to be able to spend at least part of the European summer there when it gets cold here.


What else do you enjoy doing outside of the studio?

My background is in computer science and I still enjoy that as a hobby, but being outdoors is my favourite thing. I love to go kayaking on Sydney harbour, rock climbing in the Blue Mountains or simply chill at the beach on a sunny day.


Anything exciting on the horizon for bemboka you can share with us?

We are working on a few new projects at the moment, I am very excited about our new bath towel range that is in development, designed to complement our very successful current range. We are also working on something big, which will make many of our customers extremely happy, but I can’t reveal what that is just yet.

Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf
Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf
Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf
Inside Bemboka with Petr Houf

petr houf photographed at his paddington showroom by kelly geddes.
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